TTC 112 Raptor


The TTC Raptor is based on a combination of different concepts with the objective to ensure the broadest possible sound radiation.

Most guitar cabinets have a very focused sound radiation with the result of a very loud and shrill sound right before the speaker. If you move away from the center position the sound loses highs drastically and the volume drops significantly. Many guitarists try to compensate this with increased volume, since they feel they cannot cut through the mix well, which can lead to other problems, also with the other band members.

The TTC Raptor addresses this problem and offers a better sound radiation, it is wider and more uniform, which is achieved by the combination of different techniques.

The two side vents, which are borrowed from a cabinet concept from some years ago, are working as a sort of side-fill. These get combined and supported by reflectors inside the box, which control the beam angle and the "sound volume" through the side-fills. The slanted baffle provides improved sound in the upper room and is supported by the additional slant of the cabinet, which is achieved through feet in different highs. Another addition is a diffuser in front of the speaker to support a better sound radiation and reduce the beaming. It is adapted to the specific requirements, which results in a different size than the standard diffusers.

Another advantage of the TTC Raptor is the very low weight, which is achieved through the use of lightweight poplar, as well as the compact design, so the TTC Raptor can also be used in small places – and sound like a big box. Requirements, which are often on the wish list of modern guitarists. It is also possible to stack two TTC Raptor, the result is a further increased 3-dimensional effect.

All in all this cabinet is a well matched comprehensive package which can make the life of a musician easier.


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