American Series


Leo’s boys did not only make superb guitars and amplifiers, they also created a number of cabinet models which despite their simple construction can be regarded as milestones in speaker cabinet design, and which have remained immensely popular to this day. So it comes as no surprise that we took our cues from these cabinets when we designed the American Series.

The American Series cabinets provide an ideal base for country, rock’n’roll, rockabilly and old school music and should preferably be fitted with AlNiCo speakers for truly authentic sound reproduction.

Two lines of American Series cabinets are available. The first comprises cabs in set standard sizes, e.g. for 1x12” or 2x12” speaker configurations, with the full palette of exterior design options (Tolex, grillcloth, hardware, etc.) available.

The American Series CS models are custom-built to the sizes you specify, giving you the utmost flexibility.


Vintage, Clean, Jazz, Crunch, Funk, Folk, Blues, Country, Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll, Rock

Recomended Speakers

  • Jensen Neodym / Jensen Tornado: All Genres, very low weight
  • Jensen P-Series: Vintage Sound, AlNiCo
  • Eminence Guitar Legend Serie: Rock
  • Eminence Privat Jack: Modern Fender Sound
  • WGS Blackhawk: Modern Fender Sound
  • Jensen Blackbird: AlNiCo, universal