TTC 212 BritRex


The TTC 212 BritRex combines the basic character of the 212 REX with all the advantages of the British Series in an attractive package that comes standard with numerous indispensable options for the gigging musician, such as a slanted baffle, Flex-Back, road-proof ruggedness – and, of course, stunning guitar tone and exquisite looks!

Like its REX Series siblings, the 212 BritRex is extremely popular with players who love that hard-rocking sound pumped out by red-hot power tubes.


Rock, Hardrock, Metal, NuMetal and beyond

Recommended speakers

  • Jensen Electric Lightning: Full Rock and Metal
  • WGS ET65: Tight Rock - NuMetal
  • Eminence V12: Rock - Metal (used by Soldano)
  • Eminence MOD12: Rock - Metal (full & fat sound!)
  • Celestion Vintage 30: 80's Brit Metal & modern Hard'n Heavy