TTC 212 Dumble


The TTC 212 Dumble is a replica of the original Dumble 212 and intended specifically for classic band line-ups with guitar, bass and drums that call for expansive guitar chords as well as pronounced lead work with punchy, singing mids.

The 212 Dumble fits the bill perfectly when loaded with Celestion G12-65 Heritage, or alternatively, Eminence MOD12 speakers. The latter are an interesting option not only in terms of price, they also handle a whopping 120 watts apiece and sport thick cones that provide ultra-stable performance. The obvious choice to complete the rig is, of course, a Dumble-style amplifier.


Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock

Recommended speakers

  • Celestion GB12-65 Heritage: very strong mids
  • Eminence MOD12: full & fat, strong cone, very slow cone breakup!