REX Series


The REX Series is a universal and versatile platform for countless speaker/cab combinations. The cabinets’ relatively large volume works exceedingly well with the vast majority of guitar speakers available today.

A carefully selected and balanced combination of poplar and birchwood provides a broad soundstage and strong projection, tight but vibrant bass reproduction, a robust midrange and sweet highs, and an ideal ratio of large cabinet volume and surprisingly low weight.

While the REX Series cabinets deliver excellent results in a wide variety of musical styles, they have found particular favor with rock and heavy metal players. Yet they are just as suitable for jazz and blues, as proven on countless occasions.


Crunch, Blues, Country, Indi, Rock, Hardrock, Heavy-Rock, Metal, NuMetal, Modern Rock

Recomended Speakers

  • Jensen Neodym / Jensen Tornado: All Genres, very low weight
  • Eminence GB 12: Rock, Low-Budget
  • Eminence MOD12: Clean - NuMetal
  • Celestion V30: British Rock
  • Celestion Greenback: Classic Rock
  • WGS Invador: Greenback High Power
  • WGS Blackhawk: Solid AlNiCo Rock