British Series


The birch plywood used for our British Series is extremely tough, and has a much higher density and stiffness than poplar or basswood. Birch cabinets therefore tend to deliver a clear and defined bass response, as
the cabinet walls themselves do not vibrate as much as walls made from other kinds of wood, yet still won’t sound “dead” – as is often the case in MDF speaker enclosures – but retain a certain “liveliness”.

Other advantages are high stability, ruggedness and reliability, making them perfect for use on the road. In addition, these cabinets handle far more power than similarly-sized cabs made of softer materials. The trade-off, of course, is higher weight. But for real Brits, nothing but birchwood will do.

Two lines of British Series cabinets are available. The first comprises standard sizes with freely configurable exterior design options (Tolex, grillcloth, hardware, etc.). The second variant, the CS line, also allows you to specify the size of the cabinet within certain technical limits.


Clean, Crunch, Blues, Country, Indi, Rock, Hardrock, 80's Metal, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal

Recomended Speakers

  • Jensen Neodym / Jensen Tornado: All Genres, very low weight
  • Eminence GB 12 : Rock, Low-Budget
  • WGS ET65: Hardrock, very tight
  • Eminence Governor; Hardrock
  • Celestion V30: Classic Hardrock
  • Celestion Greenback: Classic British Rock
  • WGS Invador: Greenback High Power