TTC 212 BA


The TTC 212 BA was developed for customers who want to play through a 2x12” cabinet yet place a premium on compact design – and this is exactly where the TTC 212 BA comes in as one of the most compact 2x12 cabinets money can buy.

Despite its reduced internal volume, absolutely no concessions are made in terms of sound quality. The 212 BA works exceedingly well and reliably with the vast majority of neodymium or ceramic magnet guitar speakers on the market.

The TTC 212 BA is one of our top-selling 2x12 cabinets for a reason.


Rock, Hardrock, Metal, Blues, Bluesrock, Old School, Rock'n'Roll, Country, Indie

Recommended speakers

  • Jensen Neodym / Tornado: Universal
  • Jensen Electric Lighning: Fat Rock-Sound
  • WGS Invador: High Power Greenback Sound
  • WGS Reaper HP: Blues, Bluesrock, Crunch and Indy
  • Eminence V12: Hardrock
  • Eminence MOD12: More Bass, more Punch
  • Eminence Governer: Vintage 30 Alternative
  • Celestion Greenback: Classic British Sound