TTC 112 REX M5


The TTC112REX-M5 was developed in cooperation with modeling amp users and is based on our hugely successful TTC112REX. With the TTC112REX-M5, we have taken the design in a new direction to achieve linear response across a very wide bandwidth, in effect providing a neutral platform to fully exploit the capabilities of today’s modeling amps.

This cabinet’s strength, however, is also its weakness: Its linear response makes the M5 sound rather boring when used with a true (tube) guitar amplifier, and therefore it should be paired with modeling amps only.

We strongly recommend installing an EV 12L in the TTC112REX-M5. Other speakers that will produce satisfactory results are the Jensen Jet Tornado or Eminence MOD12.


Universal, designed for moddeling amps

Recommended speakers

  • EV 12L
  • Eminence MOD12
  • Jensen Neodym Tornado