Production - 1

All speaker cabinets, rack systems, head shells and combo cabinets we produce are Custom Shop models, which means that the customer is given the full choice of available Tolex, grillcloth and hardware options. In addition, certain series can be dimensioned to suit the customer.

Other models – mostly head shells and combos – are made to order in customer-specified sizes exclusively.

Production is entirely in-house, keeping distances short and allowing for fast turnaround with relatively short lead times.

Unless specified otherwise, all cabinets and housings have dovetail joints. This joint type provides superior stability and is more reliable than any other kind of woodworking joint – including comb or finger joints!

Production - 2

Even though TTC cabinets are “Made in Germany”, we still need to source materials from the four corners of the earth to build them. We are fully committed to sustainable forestry – for example, we do not use any kind of tropical wood whatsoever – and are adamant about keeping transport routes short and direct.